Blog Breather & Some Greatest Hits

Hi there.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately.

Please don’t take it personally.  It’s nothing you’ve said or didn’t say.

It’s that for the past year and a half, my writing time has been spent working on a book.  Until I get back to this blog, I thought I’d invite you to check out or perhaps revisit some of what I think are the more interesting posts.


Stumbling Through Blessing is a series of fifteen posts about the Birkot HaShachar, the Jewish morning blessings, and the role they might play in helping us – Jews and non-Jews; believers, agnostics, and atheists – live with more gratitude, presence, and even compassion.  Part spiritual reportage, part suggested practice.  The series begins here.

Being the Signs is a handful of posts in which I treat street and other signs as mindfulness teachings.  Here’s the first post.

Notes from Pilgrimage in Uneasy Times describes my efforts to work with the counting of the Omer, a Jewish practice that falls between Passover and Shavuot, to help navigate through the covid pandemic.  In all candour, though I like the first post, I’m not sure how successful the others are (a pandemic will do that to a person).  But then again, I’m my harshest critic and you might like them.  If you want to join me, start here.


These are a few pieces I like that have been well-received:

Tales from a Jewish Cow Town: Moises Ville, Argentina (I think the title speaks for itself)

Gone to the School of Greyhound is an account of a two-day, non-stop bus ride from Toronto to Northern Arizona

A pilgrimage along New Orleans’ Royal Road takes you on a long walk through some New Orleans neighbourhoods I love


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