Welcome!  I’m Lorne Blumer.

Me - Aug 2017

Most days I sit on a meditation cushion, and some days I add to this blog, which takes the form of spiritual reportage.  It’s my effort to offer renderings of my experience with specific practices as I wander through my hometowns* and the wider world, or simply try to stop long enough to see what’s right before me. 

When not blogging, you might find me leading Hineinu, a community for Jewish contemplative practice, working on a book, or on a Masters in Pastoral Studies (exploring chaplaincy as a next career).  But mostly, I reside in the day-to-day, remembering  now and again to dial into wonder and curiosity.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

– Lorne

* Quick Math: my hometowns = Toronto (live there) + Montreal (born there, and back frequently) + New Orleans (visit at least annually, and am not infrequently informed it’s where I really ought to be)



18 responses to “ABOUT ME & ABOUT THIS

  1. Andrea

    Lorne, your stories are wonderful but why is there so little ABOUT YOU in the ABOUT ME section of your blog?

  2. Interesting question, Andrea.

    I’m tempted to respond with something glib like…well, I didn’t want to spoil my considerable mystique.

    Closer to the truth is that I guess I’m hoping that some of the more interesting parts of who I am will come through in the pieces I post.

    I’m glad, by the way, that you like what you’ve seen so far.

  3. erin c.

    Loved the first installment. Seems you have a real knack for photography as well as writing. Looking forward to more of both! I particularly love the pics from northern Manitoba.
    Mazel Tov on launching your blog and best of luck with your book!


  4. Blair

    Great job, Lorne – your passion for your work is inspiring!

  5. Leonard S.

    I like your current writings, Lorne. As for knowing you, I knew the 14-17 year old Lorne, who used to play baseball with the the guys, talk to me about his favourite Simon & Garfunkel songs, and who gave a wonderful valedictorian speech at his high school grad. I’m proud to have known the 17 year old Lorne. And, if I knew the 50 year old Lorne, I’m sure I would be just as proud.

    • Very kind words, Leonard. Thank you.

      Talk about “la plus sa change”…still playing baseball (or softball, to be more precise), Paul Simon’s music still resonates strongly for me, and I still speechify whenever I can find an audience too polite to leave 🙂

  6. Lorne this blog is cool. I am glad to have found it. Your photos are wonderful and I like your writing too. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot you were valedictorian too.
    Bruce F.

  7. Lisa Holborn

    Keep going with your journey. It is inspiring!!!

  8. Margo Miller

    I have been working on a series of tiny (playing card sized) pieces on the morning blessings in my art journaling studio in Cotati California. Some of them are full of woo-woo deep thought and some of them are silly and funny — you just never know. I was sort of giving up on she-asani Yisrael until I stumbled upon your blog and read the bug on the windshield piece. Of course! Thank you so much!

    • So happy to know that my effort where she-asani Yisrael is concerned was useful to you. For me at least, it feels important that, even as I want my spiritual endeavours to be accessible and meaningful to everyone, that I make sure not to water down their Jewish dimension.

  9. Helen Bauer

    Your writing and photography is extremely captivating. So wonderful to get to share the musical Contemplative Service part of you, along with these creative pieces.

  10. Salem Alaton

    Lorne Meets World has been a delight, a lovely platform for your fine writing and photography. For those of us snowed in with the usual middle class obligations, you offer wonderful vicarious opportunities to continue what was in earlier years a kind of sacred search.

    • Thanks very much, Salem. No question that the shape of my life allows me a great deal of opportunity for the inner journey. I’m always happiest when I discover I’m not the only one who’s rewarded by it.

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