New Orleans, Once More

Lorne Blumer

January 2012

Celebrated my 50th with another visit to New Orleans.  As always,  indulged in the vibe, the food, the music, and even added a couple of sazeracs (  Although I got up closer to some of the more traumatized parts of the city; I must still be smitten with it because I’m already calculating my next trip back.

Though surrounded by water, there aren’t a ton of places to go and see it, for water is the enemy.  But here’s a look at the Mississippi:

And here is the latest batch of images, 33 all told:

Also shot some video:

A band called Yes Ma’am busking on Royal Street (parts one and two)

The blog of Raychel Severance, one of the band members

And a 360 at a quiet intersection in Bywater, perhaps the part of town I love most of all.  Some parts are closer to pristine than this, but I have great affection for its crumbly sections.  Close to the Mississippi levee and train tracks, you hear train and boat sounds all the time

Oh, and while I’m here, wishing you peace and strength in 2012, and only the best brand of maelstrom.


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2 responses to “New Orleans, Once More

  1. Just read your travelmag piece. Really good. See you next time in NOLA.

  2. Paul Brady

    Hi Lorne – “old” classmate from TMR. Love your pictures/writing about New Orleans. Have been there twice and love everything about it, as clearly you do. Came across your blog through Facebook and searching Mount Royal and friends.

    Hope to get back there soon – your writing and pictures have inspired me to do it. Perhaps I will for my rapidly approaching 50th.

    Paul Brady

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