Rumours of Winter Confirmed

Many people I know were understandably eager to express their dissatisfaction with today’s weather, greeting us in Toronto this morning to the tune of –20 Celsius (–4 Fahrenheit). 

But at a chanting circle I was in tonight, we got to discussing the breath, and I was pleased to hear more than a few of us who were equally eager to express their delight in the freshness of the morning air. 

Talk to me in six weeks, and you might get a different story, but for now, I’m really enjoying the wintry weather.

 Interesting what the snow reveals.  Normally the message on this picnic bench is hard to see.


And in the midst of urban shadow…


(Oh, yeah.  In my last post I said something about exploring what we don’t know.  I’ll still get to it.  It’s not like our ignorance is going anywhere.)

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