Rumours of Green


I’ve been working on this living thing for close to fifty years (okay…a little more than fifty…what’s your point?) , yet I find myself being surprised by green.

Despite one of my previous posts, I haven’t minded this winter so much; something I’m inclined to attribute in large part to mindfulness practice.  One moment I’m grumping about the weather, and the next I decide to take an interest in it, paying attention to how it feels on my skin, the way it intersects with my breath, what effect it has on the sounds of the world around me.

Despite the fact that winter and I have been getting along pretty well, when the images below recently surfaced on my screensaver, I was shocked to see how explosive the greenness of spring and summer can be when contrasted to the grays and whites of February.


Mount Royal, Montreal


Yes, Fenway Park is home to baseball’s second most evil empire (from a Torontonian’s perspective), but there’s no arguing with its aesthetics

I’m still trying not to rush out of winter, but man, that green stuff is a rush.


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2 responses to “Rumours of Green

  1. Joyce Parslow

    Hey Lorne – I too am struck by Green in spring when I drive to work each day come spring. In winter, as in age, that whiteness and neutralness, blends away detail. The world is in riot phase when spring comes out – it’s almost blinding at first until we adjust our senses. Can’t wait for it to happen – it makes me stop in my tracks.
    Lovely posts by the way – you should be in the clergy you know. Nice to catch up and I can’t wait for the riot to begin.
    Joyce (of the Velcro Avenger variety)

    • Thanks, Joyce.

      And when the riot came, it came beautifully. Now I’m trying to remember to enjoy it while I’ve got it. As for this clergy business, I have succeeded at finding a congregation that seems to enjoy it when I lead services now and again (or at least they’re too polite to let me know if they feel otherwise 🙂 All kidding aside, it’s a great community –

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