Trading Irritation for Attention

I suppose I might have given in to irritation when my buddy Jamey texted me a couple of days ago to alert me he might be late for the start of the baseball game.  Especially since he had the tickets.  On the other hand, given that he was attending a memorial service, irritation would have been bad form.  Not that I’m always above bad form where such things are concerned, but on this occasion I instead managed to remember to pay attention to my surroundings on the way to the ballpark, and take note of…

…the collage of shapes to be found in the cityscape…


…and the bounce of light off Roy Thompson Hall onto a building I’ll have to learn the name of one day…


…as it was, we ended up in the ballpark in sufficient time to pay ridiculous sums at the concession stand and still catch the first of R.A. Dickey’s knuckleballs.  The good guys won, and the not-so-bad guys got to celebrate…


...clearly it was a tense game, though.  Our beards were jet black when it started.


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3 responses to “Trading Irritation for Attention

  1. Debra Kassoff

    Really nice. Awesome cityscape pics. Thanks.

    Rabbi Debra Kassoff (601) 720-5801

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