One-and-a-Half Trick Pony

Yes, I know.

I seem to be a one-trick pony of late.  To which I can only say…when the sky gets less interesting, I’ll start taking pictures of something else.  In fact, I have – take a look at the other side of these sky pics

In Toronto a few days ago:


In Toronto during the magic (freaking hour) two days ago:




In Montreal, a week ago:



And finally, in non-sky-related news….also in Montreal, at what is fast on its way to becoming my favourite greasy spoon:




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4 responses to “One-and-a-Half Trick Pony

  1. Dan MacDonald

    Hmmm, I am trying to figure out which greasy spoon that might be! And if, in my younger years, I might have stopped in with a certain bohemian friend, pre-recovery, to discuss life, the universe and the riddle of 43 minus one.

    • Hey, Dan. Great to see your voice out here. Until last week, I’d never set foot in the place. It’s on St. Jacques in Griffintown. Will have to find out the name. The only thing I’ve had there is the pizza, but I’ll be back. As for the riddle of 43 minus 1, the answer is Jackie Robinson.

  2. gorgeous images Lorne, wow!!!

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