A Point in Here Somewhere…

Well, sure, the beauty of the leaves is ephemeral.  But at least the sky is eternal.

Oh…except that it’s not always that blue.



Or filled with interestingly shaped clouds. 


So what was my point again?  Oh, yeah!  No matter what, there’s surely going to be something interesting going on.  Even when the leaves call it a season…


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4 responses to “A Point in Here Somewhere…

  1. Dora Usher

    You certainly see interesting angles in the world around us. I also enjoy your musings.

  2. I am looking at the same sky and flaming trees out my window… there will always be something to draw our attention, some beauty that will slip through our fingers like water, but the moment of awareness will be enough.

    • Same sky, same flaming trees, different countries….I suppose it’s possible to overstate the ways in which “we are all connected”….but I’d sure hate to understate it

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