Popcorn Surrogate

Wanted out badly this afternoon.  Tempted to go to a movie, and use a big bag of popcorn as a hand warmer.  Reminded myself that there’s a decidedly finite amount of sunlight to be had this time of year.  Went instead, almost against my will, to the meeting place of the Humber River and Lake Ontario, and got to see this:






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5 responses to “Popcorn Surrogate

  1. Dora Usher

    I have always loved winter art. When I first arrived from South Africa, I bought two large oil paintings of winter scenes, I do still love getting out to enjoy it, but not as much in -20! Bravo!
    Your photography captures so much.Thanks for sharing.

  2. way better than popcorn and a flick… but you could guess I’d feel that way… I hope you were well bundled with many layers… these photos are gorgeous Lorne!

  3. Thanks, Laura. Never easy for me to resist popcorn and a flick. In fact, sometimes the flick is just the pretext for the exorbitantly priced popcorn. But I’m glad I was able to squeeze a little wonder into the winter that day. And yes, was dressed plenty warm. Of course, after taking my hands out of my gloves to snap the shots, they weren’t all that happy with me.

  4. rdlk5730

    Awesome ice. Thanks for the great pics.

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