Taken to the River

I’m living in Montreal for the next while; an opportunity to spend more time with my family here, and to better know the city in which I grew up but left in my early twenties.

It also seems to be an opportunity to interact with my intuition a little more.  For instance, yesterday when I awoke, I spent a while starting at the parallelograms of early morning light on the wall.



And for some reason, the song “Take Me to the River” came to mind.  So I decided – or it was simply decided – I would make the five-mile walk along Clark Street down to the St. Lawrence River.

Doing my best to pay attention to the details, I noticed sunshine on my chest and birdsong in the air, the pleasure brought by a gradual downhill slope and the subtle discontentment that accompanied the uphills, my irritation with some people and my willingness to exchange it for curiosity about their behaviour.

And more people than were probably interested, were exposed to my spontaneous vocalizations of “Take Me to the River,” along with finger pumps accompanying the trumpets inside me head.

Also, oh yeah did I see stuff.








If interested, you can check out the entire web album (30 images in total):


And finally, for good measure, here’s a version of Take Me to the River I’ve always liked, from The Commitments movie:


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3 responses to “Taken to the River

  1. Hi Lorne,
    I love this Commitment CD, as I do the movie. I have played Mustang Sally in my Laughter Yoga classes for the dance part, many times, and I am reminded I must play Take me to the River as well. The whole CD is amazing.
    I enjoy your writing and photographs. To me, these are certainly lessons in Mindfulness..
    Was good to do another Contemplative Service with you and the rest of the Band.


    • Though very slow in responding to your comment, Helen, I nonetheless want to thank you. I’ll sit with Mustang Sally, and see where it tells me I should go next. Maybe I should just go door-to-door, ask if Sally is home, and see what happens 🙂

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