Postcards from Here: sense-temple time

(more field notes from the world)


It is our minds that make our lives so homeless. 


We need to come home to the temple of our senses.


Our bodies know that they belong to life, to spirit.

– John O’Donahue, 1956-2008 *

* For what I hope qualify as artistic purposes, I’ve sequenced  Mr. O’Donahue’s phrases out of the order in which he offered them


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4 responses to “Postcards from Here: sense-temple time

  1. Diane Granfield

    Thanks, Lorne! Perfect timing for some soul food. Warmly, Diane

  2. Michelle Polak

    I am in awe of the progression of your photography . Your craft keeps deepening along with your other practises and it is showing!!!! Well done friend. Ox m

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